Myths and Reality

Is there an optimal time when buying a car?  Some people will tell you to wait till the end of the week for a visit to the dealership, or just before closing, and some people even insist that the sales associates are easier to deal with on rainy days.  Timing can be everything and regardless of what people are saying, the bottom line is, the best time to buy a new car is at the end of the calendar year, or a model season.  Obviously not everyone can wait to buy a car, sometimes you have to buy a car when it’s needed.  If you can’t wait till the end of the calendar year or model season, then try waiting till the end of the month.

End Of Calendar Year

A new car is an awesome present for anyone, especially after working hard all year long.  The dates between Christmas and New Year, are when manufactures are raising incentives to clear previous inventory to meet the year’s sales goal.  Also automakers advertise extensively at the end of the year to bring shoppers into dealerships and all parties involved want to be sure. those dollars spent, show a good return on their investment. Although supply and demand of the most popular models could leave you shopping for the leftovers earlier buyers rejected, you can expect the deepest discounts.

Model Year End

If you’ve already picked out the car you’d like to buy, try waiting to the end of the model season. people willing to buy one of last years models could get better manufacturer incentives and bigger dealer discounts , since both parties are wanting to make room for the new models. Also if the manufactures planning a body redesign for the new year’s model, dealers will be doing their best get rid of the previous body style. Do some homework, use the services we have here on our site and research the car you wan, before making the trip to the dealership.  Traditionally new models are released between July and October, but some models can arrive as soon as they are ready, regardless of the time of year.

End of Month

Aiming to buy at the end of the month can also work well in your favor. It doesn’t matter how many cars the dealer has sold, it’s never going to be enough and the end of the month usually ignites panic and can cause the sales manager to loosen up and make deals happen. Plus sales associates are highly motivated to reach sales objectives because quotas, bonuses and other incentives are normally calculated at the end of the month.

Used Cars

These same times can also apply to buying a used car as well.  With the purchase of many new cars, there are trade-ins, and this is another car on the dealer’s lot that has to be moved.  Dealerships want to sell cars, both new and used, so incentives are there for both.  If a dealer got a trade in at the right price, it will not be unusual for there to be more profit in that used car, than a new one, allowing you the opportunity to pick it up at a great price.  Be prepared, use the used car research area on this site to see what is available at your local dealers.  Taking your time and comparing, can really help when it comes time to buy the car.  Knowing what other dealers are willing to sell for, puts the power in your hands and remember, you can always walk away.

Truthfully the best time to buy new or used car is when you absolutely need one, but if you do have the luxury of being able to wait, you can use the extra time to your benefit and put yourself into that car as cheaply as possible.