recommends using our referral service which uses a network of thousands of dealers that offer the best car prices available. We refer consumers to this network of dealers that are less likely to play the typical games and tricks many dealers play. Read this guide to educate yourself the best you possibly can before stepping into the dealer. Buying a car is a big deal, and getting the best price could mean the difference between affording the car you want or having to settle for your second choice. Take your time and learn these things so you are prepared. The dealers best friend is someone who decides based on the emotions and excitement of someone buying a new car who has not done their homework first.

To be successful, you need to be prepared and take some initial steps: First, decide the price range you need to work with. From there, you will need some idea of the type of vehicle that works best for your lifestyle. Are you looking for a  New or Used Car?. Do you want a sporty little car, a family sedan, or an SUV that covers rugged terrain and haul sport’s equipment to your son’s football game? Finally, should you buy from a private party or a dealership and how do you know who is going to be honest and work with you for the best deal?. The bottom line is, it’s not easy, but there are many honest individuals and reputable auto dealerships, as well as proven methods to get you the best deal.

Luckily, today many dealers have a separate department that handles online inquiries. This department bypasses the sales people completely and can offer the best deal because they are not paying a commission to a sales person. The salesmen hate this but the dealer realizes that the savvy consumer of today is price shopping and will buy their vehicle from the dealer that offers the best price. If they do not offer you the best price, they will lose your business forever.

The worst thing a consumer can do is walk into to a dealer unprepared and start the game playing process which is hard to win. You absolutely must ask for a quote before walking in the door. Make sure you are getting a quote that includes the dealer fees, tax and title. They sometimes don’t add these things when giving the quote and when you walk in there could be a big surprise you were not expecting.. One thing to remember, if the dealer is NOT willing to quote you over the phone, be polite and tell them you will take your business elsewhere.

If you live in a small town you may not have the luxury of choices and the dealer knows this. It might be worth getting a solid quote from a dealer in the closest large city. A plane ticket and a ride back could save you thousands on your purchase!. In this guide you will find some valuable and realistic information to help you through the search process. You will be provided with proven methods of what works and what does not work as well as ways you can protect yourself from being scammed.