People in the market for a new vehicle have been told for years that if they can just buy at the dealer’s invoice price, they are getting a good deal. However, the fact is, that is not true.

Dealer’s prices are loaded with hidden options of making more profit. These savings are never passed on to the buyer but pocketed usually by the sales person.

Here is why you should NOT buy a vehicle at the dealer’s invoice price:

  • You are not advised that as much as 3% of a dealer’s invoice is reserved for fleet customers.
  • There are manufacturer rebates and allowances ranging from a few hundred dollars to literally thousands of dollars. Because you are made aware of this hidden money, the profit goes into the pocket of the sales person and is not passed on to you.

To avoid missing these items, obtain as many quotes as possible. The dealer wants to make the sale so the chance of items being removed is greater if you know what to ask.