Tips for the dealership if you do not have a firm price quote.

  • After you have made the initial offer, the sales person is responsible for either accepting it or coming back to you with a counter offer.
  • There are several more tricks to be cautious of during this process. The sales person may try to bring your excitement level back up by talking about how great the vehicle is that you want to buy. The other side is that they may try to plant doubt in your mind regarding your offer. Whichever tactic they choose, both are intended to soften you up.
  • At this point, do not jump into anything if you are not comfortable. Relax, and turn the doubt around to them by saying something like, “Perhaps it would be better if I thought this over for a few days.”
  • The best approach for you at this time is to remember all of the research you have done. This is your strength on which to draw.
  • If the sales person reaches a point that they believe you are not going to budge, they may excuse themselves from the room for a few minutes, leaving you alone. When he returns, he may try to make you believe that his manager just chewed him out, hoping that you will have sympathy for him. Do not fall for this trick. The sales person has a quota to reach in order to get a bonus and the highest sale is what he is looking for.
  • If the sales person makes several trips out to discuss things with his manager, simply walk out and inform them that you are going to give this some more thought. This either provides you with the opportunity to leave or it will prompt the sales person to accept your offer. Just remember to keep the upper hand and not be pulled into any traps.
  • Once a purchase price has been agreed on, you may be asked to write a check to the dealership as a way of deeming yourself a serious buyer. However, do not write a check yet. Assure the sales person that you have the required funds and that once you are able to review the deal in writing, you will be happy to write a check.
  • Even if the sales person quickly shakes your hand and offers words of congratulations, remember until you have signed the contract, nothing is a done deal. So even at this point, if you should have doubts or second thoughts, you can still leave and say you need more time to think about the deal. Besides, you still have another phase to go through – finance and insurance.