Buying a new car today doesn’t require a painful visit to a dealer like in the past. Consumers have been empowered by the online tools available to them. There are some dealers who understand this and often have a separate office dedicated to online leads. This process eliminates the sales person but is necessary in order for the dealer to compete in today’s world. There is simply no reason to walk in to a dealer today not prepared. People avoid conflict, it’s human nature and because of peoples past experiences, they prefer to avoid it totally. The experience at the dealer can be a complete nightmare and that’s why online services have boomed. recommends you do not walk in to any dealer without being prepared. Our dealers understand game playing will not be tolerated by the consumer and need to offer the best price on a new car PERIOD. Reasons to buy online include using include: You do not deal with sales people who are commissioned. Instead, they deal with Internet or Fleet Managers.

  • Fast turn-around. Often you will receive the quote in the same day.
  • When you are ready to take possession of the vehicle, you simply pay and drive off in their new vehicle.
  • Our service is 100% free!

If you decide to use other online services, just be sure to read the fine print. Others charge up to $300 for the same service. Also, confirm that they are not offering you invoice pricing, as this is a huge fraud. When you shop on, you will not only have access to researching vehicles and finding inventories, but also saving money. Don’t get trapped by one of these “vulture” services who promise the world and make you pay fees even if you don’t qualify for the vehicle they are pushing you into.

Okay, so now you have weighed out your options and decided to buy a New Car. You have done some research and know what the current market value is for the vehicle. You now have dealers competing for your business now what?. Make sure to compare prices from the all the dealers who are bidding for your business. Here is what you need to ask them in order to have the total cost: Vehicle cost, Taxes, Title and Dealer fees. Ask for ALL fees to be included. The bottom line price including everything. Financing: If financing through dealer make sure they offer competitive rates and spell out entirely loan terms and interest rates.

If the dealer asks if you will be trading a car in, tell them possibly but do not commit. This leaves the door open to negotiation because the dealer can calculate potential profit from a trade-in. Insist that you get a quote on the new car only.

Ready to visit the dealer? Be armed….  Financing:  Bring in your auto loan info.. Insurance: Make sure you bring in your insurance quotes. Extended warranty quotes: Have this info available if you decide to purchase an extended warranty. True market value: Make sure to have this printed out as well. This will let them know you are an educated consumer and know current values for the new car you will purchase. For finding this value, you can go to Also bring one in for your trade in vehicle if one might be involved in the sale. If you have everything in order, great. You are now armed and ready and should not be surprised by anything the dealer might throw at you during the sales process. But here are some tips to help you understand what might happen when you walk in. Trade in: If you are trading in a vehicle, they will not make an offer on the phone until they inspect your car. You must print out the market value of your vehicle based on it’s age, mileage and condition. This is one area where many people get taken advantage of. Be armed with average TRADE-IN value for your zip code. If it’s feasible, sell your vehicle first. While it may not be convenient, you stand a better chance of getting it’s true value through a private party sale. That will also give you more money for your down payment and save you money in the long run. Beware of any sales person that starts out questioning what range you need your payments to fall in. If you base your negotiations on the cost of the monthly payment, you could end up with extended loan terms, higher interest rates, and no rebates or incentives. Up selling changes everything and now you are a total disadvantage. Do not buy on emotion, stick to your plan and don’t be a victim of up selling. The fact is that most sales people are trained to provide the customer with high numbers in the beginning of the negotiation process as a test. They call this the “first pencil.” What this does, is provides opportunity for the sales person to come down on price and make a nice little profit while making themselves out as the “good guy.” Again, stick to the plan do not fall for any games that will totally change the purchase. True Market Value is the current price at which vehicles are being sold within the marketplace. This price has nothing to do with what the dealer paid for the vehicle but the price that you should pay. Be prepared beforehand and you will fall into any “traps”.   Remember getting a quote from an dealer beforehand should eliminate any of these pitfalls.

Car Quote Online: When you request a price quote for a New Car, you are contacted via email by up to 3 dealers who have a person dedicated to internet leads. These people know that the most important thing to getting your business is by offering you the best price on the vehicle you are looking for. They also know that you are more prepared and educated about your purchase than most people just walking in the door. Tell them you are comparing prices with other dealers in your area. You will be given a solid price quote based on the Car you are looking for. No haggling or hassles, just the bottom line price. It saves you a lot of time and MONEY.