provides you with the information needed to prepare yourself with everything possible to be an educated Auto Buyer. This guide will help you avoid many of the pitfalls you might otherwise experience without it. We have covered every area of the car buying process and offer tips on how to save time and more importantly money. We encourage you to read it thoroughly because you will pick up info and tips that you may not have thought of previously. Just one of those tips could help you avoid a costly mistake when buying a New or Used Car.

Thousands of dealers with the best car prices available, are at your fingertips with  Unlike having to subject yourself to the normal tricks and games that dealers play during the vehicle purchasing process with, we have come up with a better solution. We are a referral service that allows us to refer educated consumers like yourselves to a large network of dealers that are less likely to take part in those same tricks. Purchasing a new or used vehicle can be a scary proposition and knowing what to do to get the best price could be the difference of taking home the car of your dreams or having to drive home that budget vehicle that you can “afford”. The dealer’s best friend is someone who makes decisions based on only two things: their emotions, and the excitement of the new car purchasing experience. We have compiled a guide to help educate consumers to gain a better insight of what they are to expect before walking into the doors of the dealer the next time they are looking to purchase a vehicle. So, let’s get to work and find out how we can get the best deal possible.

To be successful some initial steps must be taken to make sure you are prepared: First, a budget needs to be decided on, after all if we can’t afford it, we shouldn’t continue any further in the process. From this point you will need to ask yourself, what type of vehicle works best for my lifestyle? Do you want a sports car or does family obligations dictate a family sedan or a large SUV that can haul your son and his best friend to and from football practice?  After all these decisions are made you will need to decide where to buy your vehicle, a private individual or possibly a dealership. How do you know who is going to be honest and provide you with the best deal?? The bottom line is, you don’t. There are many honest individuals and reputable dealerships out there, its up to you from here. Ask family and friends if they have anyone they would recommend, or possibly check out reviews on the internet.  Your local mechanic can also be a source of great information regarding reputable car dealers in their area.

Todays dealerships realize that savvy consumers like yourself are doing one main thing when shopping for vehicles, price shopping. Due to this, dealers are setting up separate departments that are handing online inquiries to bypass the traditional salesman so the best offer can be provided to the customer. Salesmen hate this but because they can lose out on their commission. By not paying the commission they can provide the best price to the customer. After all, they know if they can’t provide you with the best price, they can lose your business forever.

Being prepared is the most important thing a customer can do before walking into the dealership doors. You must absolutely ask for a quote before walking in the door, and, make sure this quote includes such things as dealer fees, tax, and title. Sometimes these fees don’t get added when they provide quotes and it could be a big surprise that you were not expecting. If the dealer is NOT willing to provide you with a quote over the phone, be polite, and let them know you will take your business elsewhere. Living in a small town, sometimes the luxury of shopping around isn’t available. Do not rule out the possibility of taking a plane to the nearest large city to purchase a vehicle, this can sometimes save you thousands of dollars on your purchase.

Continue in this guide to find more valuable and most importantly realistic information to help you through the vehicle purchasing process. You will be provided with proven methods of what works, what does not, and how to protect yourself from being scammed.