Models Galore

For car buyers, 2016 is looking brighter with more new cars, seemingly appearing on a weekly basis, but choosing the particular model to buy is even harder than ever with the availability of so many stunning vehicles on the market. To consider a car as the best, we must take a closer look at the car’s overall value, some of the factors we consider include;
Safety: Performance of cars in crash and roll tests, particularly those conducted by insurance providers and the government, must be sufficient.
• Performance: Each of the models must be near or at the top of their particular classes according to their road-test scores.
• Owner satisfaction: Knowledge of customer satisfaction and whether they would purchase the car again.
• Reliability: Based on the problems that our subscribers report, car models must have an average or above predicted reliability.

Here are some of the top five contenders for the best car of 2016.


Best Large Car: Chevrolet Impala

Malibu 1

Long after this Chevrolet model’s relegation to the simplicity of airport rental vehicles, the latest Impala version surpasses every expectation and competition, proof that an American automaker can perfect a car for the masses. The Impala combines quite a responsive handling with a smooth ride, in a comfortable and dynamic way, even overtaking some of the elite luxury cars at their own game. This car features an intuitive and user-friendly control system and plenty of elbow and leg room in a spacious enough cabin for five. This car additionally offers 22 mpg and an overall road test score of 91. It retails at about $40,000 and for an effortless purchase, use our reliable new car finder on the home page. The Chevrolet Impala is simply impressive and worth your while.

Best Luxury SUV: Lexus RX


Lexus continues to dominate the luxury crossover class they created about two decades ago, and their total dominance has not diminished since. The predator grille plus origami design are a testament to the RX’s shift from the little league lot to more of an extrovert design player. Integrated into the new edginess is an effortless delivery on power, a quiet and comfortable interior fit, featuring quite a rich finish and an overall smooth ride. The RX focuses on coddling well-heeled buyers with a steady calmness, which we must say, it achieves quite well. The hybrid features an impressive 29 mpg and an overall road test score of about 80. This car retails from $51,600 to $57,600. For easier purchase, select the luxury SUV category in our new car locator.

Best Midsized Car: Toyota Camry

This car offers a thrilling drive experience. With a spacious interior, sound handling, and superb outward visibility, the Camry is quite remarkable and far from plain. Slick powertrains and a quiet cabin provide a comfortable ride, with the reasonably affordable Hybrid version delivering an excellent fuel economy. Combining the impressive crash-test results and the outstanding yearly reliability of the Camry makes this car a near-perfect sedan. The Camry has an overall road test score of 84, with about 24mpg, and retails from $24,000 to $36,700.

Best under $40,000 Sports Car: Mazda MX-5 Miata

Mazda provides more fun-per-price into a small size package compared to cars produced by the other manufacturers. The MX-5 Miata is a great combination of a manual stick shift, precise handling, and a zooming engine, creating the perfect car for a weekend racer or even just an enthusiastic driver. Although it is not a commuter car, especially with the tight front seat space for taller drivers and the jumpy, firm suspension, none of these will matter on a sunny day driving up a winding road. The Miata is reliable and the easy to stow top cover is a valuable addition. This car features an impressive 34 mpg and an overall road test score of 79. It retails at about $30,000. Selecting the sports car category in the new car locator and new car finder applications will easily inform you of where to buy one.

Best Midsized SUV: Kia Sorento

All-new 2016 Sorento 3.3-liter V6 SXL

All-new 2016 Sorento 3.3-liter V6 SXL

Despite most of the midsized SUVs often feeling like uninspiring errand vehicles, the Kia Sorento is one of the best SUVs, hiding in plain sight. At mainstream prices, the Sorento provides a class above elegance, unlike most midsized SUVs, although a tad bit smaller than its competitors. The size alternately enables the Sorento to offer features such as the space of a larger vehicle while remaining city-friendly. This car’s smooth 290-hp V6 engine is quite competitive in fuel economy, plus the suspension has the capability to absorb the worst bumps with dignity and still allow for confidence around corners. The Sorento features a gorgeous interior design and has a reliable crash test performance. It offers 21 mpg and an overall road test score of 84. It retails at about $37,000 and for an easy purchase, use the reliable new car locator on our home page.