Reviewing 2015:

2015 was a huge year for and our thousands of clients who saved money and time by using our service to buy their new or used car.

In 2015 AutoFinder added more dealers to our network than ever before. By doing this, we were able to place at your fingertips the best deals on new and used cars in America. The best news for you, is these dealers are local and you saved time and money by finding the best deal for you, either  using your computer or your mobile device.


More people than ever before are searching for items on the internet, using their smartphones or tablets. With that in mind, improved our mobile experience to offer you the best mobile search anywhere on the web in 2015. We added new tools and themes that made it even easier than before to find a car deal from your Android or iOS device. By giving your free access to our vast dealer network from anywhere you are, you could be at one dealer while checking prices from another. Having this information gives you the edge in negotiations and allows you to make better decisions and more importantly, better deals than ever before.

Desktop Browser

We didn’t forget desktop either. We improved our desktop website to work better and faster no matter which computer or browser, you are using. Our subtle improvements this year were mostly under the hood where it counts. We were able to process thousands of searches almost instantly and all free to you. Not only did we make our website faster, we made it better. Whether you are buying a new or used car, our state of the art search engine will find the car you want, at the best price and from a dealer you can trust.

In addition to better technology, in 2015, we expanded our research on which cars had the best value. Once again we chose the best 10 cars of the year as we did in 2014 but this year we took it a step further. In addition to traditional research as most sites do, we actually visited dealers and drove cars. You see it is not enough for AutoFinder to simply help you with your search for a dealer, we want to help you get value for your hard earned dollar. This year we did behind the scene investigations and used polling tools to find out information from the people who were actually driving the cars. Sometimes you have to own a car for a while before you know everything about it. We thought it might be a good idea for our clients if we took some of the guess work out of the process and talked to people who driving the cars you want to buy. In putting together our top ten list, we came to our final conclusions by combining the normal things, such as gas mileage, resale value with more in depth things, such as customer satisfaction. We didn’t just want to know that a person liked a car, but why.

What will offer in 2016

We know our success is based on our customers satisfaction and with this in mind, we are not simply going to live off our achievements of 2015. We are already making some changes to the content on our site for 2016. We will be adding more hard hitting articles that matter to you. When there are changes in the industry for good or bad, we will let you know. When a car is not performing as it is supposed to, we will let you know. In 2016 you will see more articles than ever and articles that are more helpful to you, the buyer. It’s your satisfaction and our reputation that will bring success in the new year and we promise to do our part.
Even Better Search

Even though our search is the best in the industry, we are not standing still. Already in 2016 we are finding areas we can improve. We plan to increase our dealer network substantially in 2016 but with the understanding, we don’t want just any dealer to appear in our search. Only quality dealerships are good enough for you and we invite you to share your experiences with us. By understanding how you are treated during your car shopping experience, we will add new dealers or eliminate those who do not meet our standards.

Current Best Deals

In 2016 we will take a very important step in our company’s evolution. In the new year we are going to work very hard to find which cars, both new and used are selling the best and why. Instead of only a yearly list, you are going to see updates anytime we have new information. When we find out a manufacturer is offering a major discount or rebate, we will publish it. We will be offering better ways for our clients and dealers to communicate which cars they have to sell and which cars are priced to be the best value for you. This is new for us but something that will become more important as time goes on and we believe it will set us apart from all those just grabbing leads.

Always Free and Honest

It is important that our service is always free and honest. It is necessary to stress that we are only obligated to those of you who use our service. We have no incentive to do anything but give you the best information we can when searching for a new or used automobile. Dealers show in your search based solely on the criteria you enter. Our service will continue to be fast, hassle free and at no cost to you. We are continually searching for ways to improve our service 2016 will yield an even better service than before.

We want to thank you for a very good 2015 and we look forward to an even better 2016. We want every person who visits our site this year to find the information they need. Our management, programmers and staff are here to serve you. Please allow us to continue helping you in 2016 to make the most informed decision possible when you are buying your new or used car.