If the idea of purchasing a new vehicle has been on your mind a lot recently, then now may be the ideal time to act.  Here are five good reasons that give you all the incentive needed to buy a new car now instead of later.


1. You’re Tired of the Repair Costs

Your current vehicle has turned into a money pit. It seems as if the car needs some work every month. Instead of continuing to throw good money after bad, why not take a look at the new cars on the market? With a little research, you can find out which makes and models have the best track records in terms of durability and low upkeep costs. Once you do buy new car and get through six months without having to deal with anything but standard upkeep, you’ll feel all the better about your choice.


2. New Technology

It’s been several years since you last purchased a vehicle, and there are features on the market today that were not in place at that time. The fact is, you could put some of those features to good use. Since choosing to buy a used car, would not allow you access to those features, focusing your attention on a brand new vehicle makes sense.

For example, you would love to have access to satellite radio, a GPS system, a rear view camera, and maybe even lane departure warning equipment. While an older vehicle could be outfitted with some of these newer systems, the cost is prohibitive. Your best bet is to invest in a new vehicle that already comes with these and other features that would make life easier.

3. Possible Tax Incentives

While some of the tax incentives related to hybrids are no longer available, that doesn’t mean you can’t claim some breaks based on the kind of vehicle you purchase. Alternative fuel vehicles, cars powered with the use of natural gas, and several other types can still command some decent incentives. Research the types of credits you can receive and factor them into your plans to purchase a new vehicle.

Keep in mind that you do need to balance the desire to lock in credits with the future cost of upkeep and maintenance. Before making a final decision, take a good look at the warranty and the service contract you can obtain with the new vehicle. In the best case scenario, the new car will come with viable protections that make sure you get the most of the investment. When that happens, your tax credit is truly an incentive and not just a way to offset the higher maintenance costs.

4. The Newer Body Styles

Several manufacturers have changed the body styles of their more famous models in recent years. You happen to like the lines of those newer designs. Why buy used cars that don’t have the look that you want? With a little smart shopping, you can find a new car that has the look you crave.


5. You’ve Never Owned a New Car

In years past, you made do with used cars because of your financial circumstances. These days, you are in the enviable position of making more money and carrying little in the way of debt. Break out of your mold and find a brand new vehicle that’s to your liking. Everyone should own a new car at least once.

Between the need to replace your older vehicle and the fact that you can afford the payment, why wait any longer? Take a look at what the local dealers have to offer. Settle on the type and features you really want and compare options around town. It won’t take long to find a car that is exactly what you want and will provide reliable transportation for the several years to come.